What air pressure do I use?
All air tools, from construction-type jackhammers to our Bantam Bully Air Hammer, are designed to use 90 pounds of air per square inch (psi).

What does CFM mean?
This is the amount of air your tool uses per minute at 90 psi of air. Make sure your compressor can produce at least that amount of CFM at 90 psi, or your tool won't work at full power.

What type of oil do I use?
Use a light-weight oil (5 or 10 weight). Please never use an oil that has detergent within the oil. This will cause a soapy, sticky black residue to adhere to the internal parts of your tool. Also, try to use an air tool oil, because this type of oil will suspend any condensation droplets from your air source so they will not lie against any metal parts within the tool.

Superior Pneumatic Air Tool Oil is Part Number 5260000. In a pinch, you can use transmission oil or WD-40.

What size compressor should I buy?
We recommend at least a 5-horsepower compressor that can supply at least 8 to 10 CFM at 90 psi. Also, the larger the holding tank, the less times the compressor cycles.

What size air hose do I use?
We recommend at least a 3/8" diameter hose for all our hammers, needle scalers, sanders, and die grinders. Our 3.5 hp Vertical or Horizontal Grinder should have a 5/8" diameter hose.

What does BPM mean?
BPM is an abbreviation of Blows Per Minute. This term is used to describe the number of times (cycles) the piston goes back and forth (reciprocates) within the air hammer. The lower the BPMs a tool has, the harder it hits the chisel. In other words, a lower BPM results in more impact or cutting power in the tool.

Why doesn't my hammer or sander/grinder have the power it had when it was new? What can I do?

First, make sure you put 3-5 good squirts of new, non-detergent light-weight oil in the air inlet and down the barrel of a hammer. Then jog the tool a few times to see if the performance increases. Please oil the tool at least in the morning and afternoon during a work time of 8 hours. If that oiling has not improved the performance, send the tool back for a no-charge estimate to Superior Pneumatic, Repair Department, 855 Canterbury Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145.

In the summer there is a lot of water in my air lines. Why?
During most summers, there is higher humidity; therefore, more water condenses within your compressor tank. All fixed air supply lines should angle back to your compressor. Also, every morning before you start the compressor, the tank should be drained of excess water. Any of your rubber hose lines should be bled of any water within the hose. Please make sure you oil the tool twice daily to prevent rusting of internal parts. Our repair department receives 3 times more tools that are rusted together due to water in the air lines during the summer months than at any other time.

My air hammer has a knurled collar at the front end of the tool. How do I get the chisel in?
On the Bantam Bully models 90000 and 90001, hold the knurl collar and pull away from the center of the tool to put the chisel in so that it locks in place. On our Big Bully models 120000 and 120001 and our Heavy Duty Hammer models 60010 and 60011, hold the knurled collar and pull toward the center of the tool, insert the chisel, and let go of the collar to lock the chisel in.

Do you use any plastic parts in your air tools?

No. All our tools are made from steel and aluminum parts and are heat treated for a longer life! Our tools are designed for industrial applications, where they can be used for long periods of time.

Can I buy from you?
Yes, you can call us at 1-800-521-2282, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. We accept all major credit cards. You can also buy from any of our distributors, or you can have your distributor call us at the same phone number. Please call us for the phone numbers and addresses of our distributors.

Can I take the needle scaler off your tool and be able to use a chisel in the air hammer?
Yes. All of our needle scaler adapters can be taken off to convert the needle scaler to an air chisel. The Bantam needle scaler adapter can be removed, and you can purchase a chisel adapter kit (#95525). Included with the kit is our most popular style chisel, 9/16 face by 4" long flat chisel (#10400). For our other types of scalers, you just remove the strap screw from the scaler tube and purchase the style chisel you need for that air hammer! (Two tools in one!)

What about repair service--how long does it take?
If we repair one or more of our tools at the factory, we will issue the same warranty as one on a brand-new tool! We will advise you of the parts prices, if needed, and service charge (if repaired). Once okayed for repair, it will be fixed in two days and returned to you by UPS. If you choose not to have the tool repaired, you can request that it be sent back to you at no charge.

Do you have repair stations other than the factory?
Yes. We have 55 authorized repair stations in the U.S. and Canada. Please call us for a location near you.

Can I try one of your tools before I buy?
Yes. Please contact one of our distributors or have one of your distributors call us. We can provide them with a new tool on trial for 15 days to see how you like it.

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