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The Bantum Bully® Needle Scaler cuts even large jobs down to size
Removing weld flux and splatter with a Bantam Bully Needle Scaler is easy! First, choose a needle scaler that will not damage the weld or your project when removing weld flux and splatter/slag after welding. Our Bantam Bully 95510 (PG) and 95511 (STR) have 13,000 BPM, making it our fastest and lightest hitting scalers. These Bantam Bully needle scalers are ideal for removal of flux and splatter without damage to the weld or product, see attached video. Second, lubrication of needle scaler, protective equipment and safety practices should always be followed when using power tools. After making your weld, hold the needle scaler at an angle to the weld. The Bantam Bully needle scaler should be held just off the work; this allows the needles to reciprocate over the weld. The needles will conform to the different contours of the weld to clean off the flux and splatter/slag. Next, move the Bantam Bully needle scaler along the weld for removal of flux and splatter. This will produce a nice clean surface to either give ease of weld inspection or a surface to finish additional prep work on your project. Many welders choose to use a standard chisel to remove flux and splatter instead of a needle scaler, our Bantam Bully needle scalers can be easily converted to our Bantam Bully scaling/chipping air hammers with our chisel adaptor kit. See our chisels along with the many different size Superior needle scalers available at or call us toll free at (800) 521-2282 for a free catalog.
Needle Scaler Needle Scalers make quick work of surface preperation prior to painting or plating.
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